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Packing for a Year

The big question for the “Strut” HAS BEEN – “ How do you pack for a whole year?” Now that I’ve done it and we’re on the road, I can share the experience with you…

First, start out by selecting all of the clothing you’d like to have. Upon realizing you’ve got too much, select all of the clothing you’d love to have. Again, you’ll realize you have too much. Finally, select all of those items, which you cannot live without.

After accomplishing this monumental task, you’ll spend the entire night before departure awake, deciding on luggage size, number of pieces, packing, re-packing and shuffling from one bag size to another.

You’ll ultimately decide that the smaller bag will be more portable while truly desiring the larger bag…and finally, if you are anything like me, you’ll realize at 5:00am that the 6:30am car service will be at your door all to soon and that your luggage is still not packed!

“Oh Crap!” I expelled while running to the shower, truly wondering if we’d make the flight out…Fly out we did and though the luggage, in the end, did come along, by day two I realized I had gotten it all wrong!

Fortunately, we have a wonderful individual living in our home, taking care of things. Someone who could send all of the items I had pitched, but already desperately wanted.

The list went out, the items are on their way and I’m already lamenting the selection of things I’ll have to trade out so that everything once again fits inside the luggage.

If that weren’t bad enough, by day four – that would be today – a second list has been sent, requesting yet more of these forsaken items…I don’t think I’m starting as a very professional world traveler!?!

Lessons I’ve learned

1. Never take a flight, which requires a 6:30am car service before any big departure.
2. Consider various weather conditions in packing; ironically, your favorite clothes probably are not those you’d wear in pouring rain or freezing temperatures.
3. Do not forsake your comfort clothes for those more fashionable favorites.
4. Some toiletries are more important than others, make room for them, even if you think you can just pick them up at the drug store in your next location.
5. Testing your packing prowess in your home country is a superb way to make sure you’ve got everything you really need – before you really go –
6. I still desire the larger bag, even though I know the smaller one is more appropriate for the journey.

The coolest thing I did right!

I purchased several wristlets from Coach. These are fantastic mini handbags, helping to keep your look together while not taking up a great deal of space! Love IT!

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