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The Seven Continents Strut

We're preparing for an expedition.  A journey around the world where we hope to experience a new insight into ourselves by connecting to the world differently.  Additionally, the adventure and adaptation to change will help to mold new habits and realities.  The possibilities before us are exciting and we are grateful for the ability to participate on this road into new realms. 

The itinerary feels a bit daunting and we'll likely reduce destinations as we chill in various locals, but we hit all seven continents on this year journey.

I look forward to growing ever closer as a family.  I'm excited to see the world through our daughters eyes....her youth allows her different insight and usually challenges my own thinking. 

We'll keep you posted as we journey and blog about the hot & not so hot for now, I have to figure out the challenge of packing - departure is this Thursday!!!!

The itinerary at a glance looks something like this:

February:  Disney World, LAX, Fiji,

March:  Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Tasmania

April:  Australia

May:  India, Thailand

June:  Cambodia, China

July:  Armenia, Jordan, Egypt

August:  Greece, Italy

September:  Italy, LAX, England, S. Africa

October:  S. Africa, Botswana, Kenya

November:  Kenya, Tanzania, Venezuela, Brazil

December:  Argentina, Baffin Islands, Falkland Islands, Antarctica

January:  Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Ecuador - Galapagos

February:  Belize, Guatemala, Merida, Mexico (pyramid route) Home

Searching for Ultima Thule signing off

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